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Neighborhood Profile

When the City of Denver was first being settled, Uptown was referred to as “East Denver” for that’s all that was east of downtown.  The name North Capitol Hill is the result of the simple geography that Uptown is due north of Capitol Hill.  The Uptown area developed a reputation as a “healing mecca” for respiratory ailments in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s.  It was the “fresh dry mountain air” that was attractive.  In response to this demand, a number of private hospitals known then as sanitariums were opened.

Today, we see a concentration of hospitals, medical offices, and other medical service businesses concentrated in the Uptown neighborhood including Presbyterian / St. Luke’s, Kaiser Permanente, and St. Joseph’s medical centers.  Over 10,000-people are employed in the medical field.  Image that this all relates back to the turn-of-the-century sanitariums! The neighborhood has a distinct community-feel with numerous cafes, restaurants, neighborhood grocer, quaint coffee shops and much more.

Enjoy this video tour of Uptown Denver

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