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Neighborhood Profile

“Build it and they will come”.  Horace Tabor and Henry Brown did just that and Capitol Hill attracted the wealthy families of Denver in the 1880’s.  Tabor and Brown were land speculators who purchased large tracts of land east of then Downtown Denver.  Tabor built the Tabor Grand Opera House while Brown donated the land on which to build the Colorado state capitol.  The construction of mansions in Capitol Hill stalled following the Silver Crash of 1893.  Construction of boarding house apartments for rent followed the Silver Crash.  By 1910, Capitol Hill was known as an apartment district.  The neighborhood deteriorated through the 1980’s until real estate values became an investment opportunity given the area’s convenient proximity to Downtown Denver.  The Bohemian artists arrived first, then the urban city dwellers looking to avoid commuting to the city from the suburbs as their parents had.

Today, Capitol Hill has an upbeat, eclectic, creative, and diverse persona.  Restaurants, coffee houses, cafes, and neighborhood retailers welcome a lively city crowd.  Capitol Hill is centrally located with good public transportation to all points of the City.

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